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Walter Sauer (ed.)

Wilhelm Busch / John Birmelin

Hans un Yarick

Max and Moritz

Bilingual Edition: Pennsylvania Dutch & English

»Engl. Brosch.«, 58 pages, with all b/w illustrations

ISBN 978-3-9808205-1-6

€ 10,90

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Max and Moritz by Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908)— in a superb Pennsylvania Dutch translation by one of Pennsylvania’s best poets, John Birmelin (1873-1950).

When Hans un Yarick was first published in the “Pennsylfawnish Deitsch Eck” of the Allentown Morning Call in 1944, Preston E. Barba wrote:

We believe it a kindness to our readers to publish John Birmelin’s translation …Under his inimitable touch our humble dialect has become an instrument giving forth beauty of rhyme and melody hitherto unattained.

Bilingual edition—including an anonymous 19th century English version of this German children’s classic, which later became the model for The Katzenjammer Kids.

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