Friedrich Koch-Gotha (Ill.)
Albert Sixtus (Text)
Nadine & Walter Sauer (Transl.)

» A Day at Bunny School «
» Die Häschenschule «

A Pretty Picture Book by Albert Sixtus

with Illustrations by Fritz Koch-Gotha.

Translated into English by Nadine and Walter Sauer

36 Seiten, Hardcover
ISBN 978-3-943052-27-5

€ 14,90

In dieser neuen englischen Übertragung des klassischen Kinderbuchs (1924 erstmals veröffentlicht) verbringen Hasenhans und Hasengrete als „Bunny Jack and Bunny Jane“ einen erlebnisreichen Tag in „Bunny School“. Zweisprachig englisch-deutsch, mit allen Originalillustrationen.

“Children,” Mother Rabbit said,
“Blow your noses, go ahead
Use this cabbage leaf, and then
Don’t forget book, slate and pen.
Wet your sponges, and I mean,
Are your pawses nice and clean?”
“Yes.” – “Now off to school you go.”
“Bye-bye Mummy, cheerio.”

Bunny Jack and bunny Jane –
See them walking down the lane,
Paw in paw, they’re on their way,
Almost six, no time to play.
Other little rabbits are
Joining them from near and far.
Satchels shouldered everyone
There with bobbing tails they run.