Priya N. Hein / Liza Lewis

» Nounours Ble / Blue Bear «

28 pages


Priya N. Hein / Liza Lewis, Nounours Ble / Blue Bear. Morisien & Angle. A very special full colour children’s book (5 years and up) about tolerance, integration and interracial marriage. Bilingual edition: Mauritian Creole and English. Wonderfully illustrated by Liza Lewis. Creole translation by Shenaz Patel.

Ti ena enn zour enn zoli ti nounours ki apel Nounours Ble. Nounours Ble ti viv dan enn landrwa lwin lwin, apel Laterble, kot tou zafer ti ble. Bann lakaz ti ble, bann pie ti ble, bann papiyon ek tou bann bann zanimo ti ble. Nounours Ble ti viv dan enn ti lakaz ble
Enn bo zour, li al zwenn ek enn bel sirpriz ...

Once upon a time there was a sweet little bear called Blue Bear. Blue Bear lived in a place far far away called Blueland where everything was blue. Not only were the houses blue but even the trees, the butterflies and all the other animals were blue. Blue Bear lived in a small blue cottage
One day he makes a surprising discovery …