Walter Sauer (Transl.)

» Es Haus wu der Jack gebaut hot
The House that Jack Built «

Bilingual Edition: Pennsylvania German and English

28 full color pages


ISBN 978-3-943052-56-5


This is the House that Jack built,” one of the best known English nursery rhymes, has appeared in numerous illustrated books since the middle of the 18th century. One of the most original illustrations of the poem stems from Henry George Hines (1811–1859). It first appeared anonymously in 1854 in

London under the title “The Remarkable History of the House that Jack Built. Splendidly Illustrated and Magnificently Illuminated by the Son of a Genius,” and was soon thereafter also published by C. T. Crowen of New York. We are here reprinting this book in facsimile from the American edition with the first Pennsylvania German translation inserted into the pictures.