Michael Rosen / Helen Oxenbury

» Kumm, mer gehne Baere yaage «

Iwwersetzt in’s Pennsylvaanisch-Deitsche
vum Michael Wernerr

36 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-943052-76-3

€ 12,90

Kumm, mer gehne Baere yaage” is a wonderful Pennsylvania Dutch translation of a delightful English children’s book titled “We’re going on a bear hunt.” The book is interactive with readers and listeners imitating the noises and gestures suggested by the story. A great book with many full color illustrations by Helen Oxenbury and lots of fun for children and adults alike.

Suggestions as to how to use this book interactively can be found here:


Kumm, mer gehne Baere yaage.
Was warre die Annre saage,
wann ich eener fang?
Mer sinn ya gaar net bang.

Nau, was iss sell?

Oh nee! Graas!
Hooch, nass Graas.
Mer kenne net driwwer.
Mer kenne net drunner.
Eens, zwee, drei:

Mer misse middes nei.