Priya Hein / Coralie Saudo (Ill. and Transl.)

» Do Children Fly? / Est-ce que les enfants volent? «

28 pages (saddle stitched)

ISBN 978-3-943052-77-0

€ 6,00

A bilingual English/French picture book with funny questions and (correct) answers for children aged 2 to 6 (and interested adults). Beautifully illustrated by Coralie Saudo.

Do children fly ?
No, pigeons fly.
Do pigeons moo ?
No, cows moo.
Do cows dive ?
No, penguins dive.

Est-ce que les enfant volent ?
Non, les pigeons volent.
Est-que les pigeons meuglent ?
Non les vaches meuglent.
Est-ce que les vaches plongent ?
Non, les manchots plongent.