Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

» The Leeter Tunku «

With author’s peekturs wor

Kena translated into Singlish
Gwee Li Sui

[The Little Prince / Le Petit Prince / Der kleine Prinz]

96 pages

ISBN 978-3-947994-17-5

€ 16,00


Nah, Léon Werth

I hope you chiwren can panchan-panchan I dedicate this book to an ah lao hor. I got good excue one: this one ah lao is my bestest kawan in the whole world. I oso got another excue: hampalang this ah lao unnerstans, even chiwren’s books. I got a third excue: this ah lao stays in France, and he sibeh hunger and cold there. He needs some sayang lor. If all these excueses still cannot, then maybe I dedicate this book to the geena this ah lao was last time. All ah laos last time were chiwren one (although not many remember liao). So set hor, I change my dedication to this:

Nah, Léon Werth when he was a leeter boy-boy.