Heinrich Hoffmann

»The English Struwwelpeter.
Pretty Stories and Funny Pictures«

Bilingual edition: English and German / Zweisprachig: Englisch und Deutsch

  36 Seiten
Mit allen farbigen Illustrationen

ISBN 978-3-937467-54-2

€ 14,90

Like Mother Goose, Alice in Wonderland, Grimms’, Perrault’s and Andersen’s Fairy Tales, Max und Moritz, Pinocchio, and Mickey Mouse, Heinrich Hoffmann’s Der Struwwelpeter is a world classic of children’s literature. Never out of print after its first edition of 1845 and issued by numerous publishers, it has been a bestseller in Germany ever since. While few children in English speaking countries grow up with the book today, »Struwwelpeter« (or »Shock-headed Peter« or »Slovenly Peter«) was a very familiar figure in their grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ nursery. The first English version (of over twenty different ones), titled The English Struwwelpeter, was published in Leipzig in 1848. Although not a very close translation, it has remained by far the most popular and still has great appeal today. It is this version with its particular nineteenth century charm which we reissue here exactly 160 years after its first publication. The German original is found in the appendix.

When the children have been good,
That is, be it understood,
Good at meal-times, good at play,
Good all night and good all day –
They shall have the pretty things
Merry Christmas always brings.
Naughty, romping girls and boys
Tear their clothes and make a noise,
Spoil their pinafores and frocks,
And deserve no Christmas-box.
Such as these shall never look
At this pretty Picture-Book.