Heinrich Hoffmann

» Be Siwarde þam sidfeaxan «

Myrge mæþelword ge lustbære licnessa.

On Engliscgereord awend
be Fritz Kemmler

32 Seiten, Hardcover
ISBN 978-3-937467-84-9

€ 14,90

“I have attempted to present an Old English text that demonstrates the characteristic features of the late West-Saxon dialect around the year 1000. […] the language is close to Ælfric's prose on the one hand, but also to late Old English poems such as The Battle of Brunanburh and The Battle of Maldon on the other. […] readers familiar with Anglo-Saxon poetic texts will instantly recognise a wide range of literary echoes and allusions. My hope is that in reading this translation they may derive some kind of pleasure in the process of discovering both the familiar and the unexpected.” (Fritz Kemmler)

Earniaþ beagas
Briw willaþ etan,
Plegaþ eac stille
Modra handa eac
Cristcild on Geole

eaþmode cildru
brucan þæs hlafes,
stiþe on stede,
healdaþ on wege:
boc him agifþ.